It will come as no shock to learn that I’m not the biggest admirer of the Baillieu government, and thus far Health Minister David Davis has failed to impress me – he seems not to have a clear picture of what this is about for us, nor of how determined we are to fight.

So I was thrilled to see, headlining many broadcasts, the brilliant work of nurses at Frankston Hospital today – go, you good things! For those of you who missed it, Minister Davis popped in to Frankston Hospital for a press conference about the new four-hour admission targets, at the Victorian hospital that’s been most heavily slammed in recent months (thanks in no small part to the closure of hospitals further down the peninsula).  What he wasn’t expecting was being met by red-clad members, armed with passion and the truth, despite the Minister’s claim that they’ve “never suggested split shifts at all“despite that being a clear aim in the Cabinet-in-confidence document the Minister introduced in May.

What Frankston has reminded us is how much we can achieve when we work together – that was with only 15 minutes notice and a passionate workforce of staff on the floor at the time. Imagine what we can, and will, achieve as a whole state’s worth of nurses, with time and coordination on our side!

[Originally posted on the ANF: Respect Our Work Facebook page, December 27 2011]