My last night shift this week wasn’t too bad – I was in charge, so I only had two patients: one has dementia that’s early enough for awareness and distress, but was quite settled except for frequency and then diarrhoea, but a high falls risk; the other was far less anxious than usual, afebrile for a change, and actually slept between 4/24 anti’s.

The PM shift had an hour-long MET call from 2030, so handover was late and everyone was a bit behind, and then extended famiy stayed until the patient died around dawn. We got a patient back from ICU (3rd trip there this admission) who only needed medical review twice, I had all my own staff, and we all got a tea break.

And I thought “One PCW, one less nurse, and this would be a nightmare. What on earth would the bad nights be like?” I hope we never find out.