It’s March 21st, a great day for civil rights: on this day 47 years ago the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led 3,200 people in civil rights march through Alabama from Selma to Montgomery, and 22 years ago Namibia became free after being ruled by South Africa since 1915. Today aslo marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day.

And it’s 983 days (that’s 2 years, 8 months and 8 days) until Victorians get to exercise their democratic right to vote; the public too often have short memories, something Mr Baillieu and his colleagues counted on during our campaign.
Nurses don’t, one of many things Mr Baillieu miscalculated. This battle may be over (best of luck with the final wrangling today, Executive, staff and lovely legal team!) but unless we want to fight as bitterly in 2015 as we did this time, we have to make sure the public remember. Enjoy the hiatus, fight for our colleagues, and in the lead up to the last Saturday in November prepare to doorknock and campaign for the health of the Victorian public and our profession. Again, damn it.