O dear Executive it’s early! Good morning – it’s April 26th, and the 52nd anniversary of the South Korean dictator Syngman Rhee’s peaceful resignation following the April 19 Revolution by students and the labour movement, which came on the back of initially violent protests in response to allegations of electoral corruption.
I’m confident that the AEC is free of corruption, but hope that in 947 days we’ll have a similar change of government in Victoria – and, like in South Korea in 1960, the public may need to be spurred on to join us. I’m not for a moment advocating violent protests, but a reminder of this government’s recalcitrant position when it comes to negotiating equitable outcomes for nurses and our community might be in order.

And on that note – I have my fingers crossed that the Mental Health EBA update this afternoon bears glad tidings, but this flier doesn’t auger well. Watch this spot…