It’s April 29th, the 67th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau by US forces and of Fornovo di Taro by Brazilian soldiers. On this day in 1997 a world wide treaty to ban chemical weapons went in to effect. And a year ago today a State-wide meeting of ANF (Vic branch) job reps finalised the EBA logs of claims for the acute public sector, with Mental Health reps finalising theirs a week later.

With the Mental Health EBA still in negotiation (possibly even as I write, because there seems to be no such thing as a weekend for the negotiating team), it’s timely to remember how long this campaign has been going under the current government. Both logs of claims were released 2 months later, on July 4th – 8 months and 12 days before the State-wide members’ meeting where Lisa announced the EBA conditions agreed to by VHIA on behalf of the Baillieu government.

The next State election is 944 days away – precisely two years and seven months from today. Those of us who work in health care know how valuable, essential and skilled our mental health colleagues are; we know how vital and hard-fought our battle to retain acute public conditions was; we recognise the significant contributions of our emergency services colleagues and teachers; and we do not want to have all of us go through all of this next time. We won’t forget – it’s up to us to make sure the public remember on November 29, 2014.