It’s the Winter Solstice – we’re half way through the year, and as of tomorrow heading for spring, yet I suspect the winter of discontent is only beginning for the Premier, who seems to be making no moves of reconcilliation.
Today our wonderful, hard-working and deserving RDNS colleagues had their fourth day of protected action, and our mental health colleagues continue their valuable, skilled and increasingly complex work 233 days (that’s only ten days shy of eight months) after their EBA expired.
And there will be an accounting – the Victorian election is 891 days away – that’s two years, five months, a week and a day from now, and inexorably getting closer. We will not forget, we will not forgive, and we will campaign to ensure that the next time we enter negotiations it’s with a government prepared to put the best interests of the population first, prepared to negotiate with integrity, and prepared to be honest with us and with the electorate.