Despite the frosty morning we’re over the hump of winter, but we’re not yet at the mid-point of Mr Baillieu’s Premiership – thereare still 2 years, 5 months and 6 days to go.

While the acute public EBA has now been ratified, will soon be signed, and shortly apply, our mental health colleagues are 233 days into negotiations and RDNS is looking at their second week of protected action; on other fronts, the government seems to be following the same strategy with AEU as they so unsuccessfully tried with us, and in case you missed it, yesterday Mr Baillieu announced that 3615 public sector jobs will be cut.

Don’t let promises in the last few months of his tenure fool the electorate – remember December, when the Premier implied he’d negotiate if we lifted bed bans, then did nothing for three months; remember the longest, hardest fight in ANF (Vic branch, in not national) history. Remember the ongoing fights our nursing colleagues continue to face – under the government’s proposed deal RDNS nurses would sacrifice a week of leave in order to earn $10,000/year less than their community nurse colleagues and be entitled to lower CEU funding (only with receipts, and less for ENs than RNs). Remember that this is a government that values neither its own employees nor the populace it was elected to represent and protect. Less than 125 weeks to go…