A very early (or late, for me) good morning.

Today constituents in the seat of Melbourne vote in a by-election: the seat has been held by Labor for 104 years; there are 16 candidates, none Liberal, and the polling isn’t clear on how voting will go, though some 10% of voters have gone to the booth early. What does seem likely is that the Greens candidate (Cathy Oke) and an Independent (Crikey founder Stephen Mayne) will split the left vote away from the ALP candidate (Jennifer Kanis).

Here’s what I know: in 861 days (or 2 years, 4 months, 1 week and 1 day) all of Victoria will go to the polls. We’ll have had ample opportunity to see what LNP governments in NSW and Queensland have wrought, though I hope not what a Federal LNP majority bring in – those if you who recall WorkChoices will know why. For all of you: though there are still individual EBAs to negotiate, the main campaigns are over; to avoid a similar battle, or worse, come 2016, we have to remember, and we have to remind the public.