It’s precisely 800 days until Victoria votes.

So far in this Premier’s tenure we’ve seen unprecedented action from nurses, midwives, SES staff, teachers across three sectors (primary, secondary and vocational education), CFA and MBF firefighters, support staff, and over 18 months of negotiations for forestry workers.

Today TAFE staff, students and supporters are protesting in record numbers, from 1200 at Treasury Gardens. They’re fighting not for themselves but for the future of TAFE – a future for the most people who most need an opportunity to change their lives; a future for Victoria itself; and a future the Premier appears hell-bent on destroying.

In two years, two months, one week and two days you get to make your decision known But there are things you can do before then – please add your voice to those standing up for the future of our state: support the campaigns and campaigners that, like nurses and midwives, are fighting to safeguard the best interests of their professions and vocations, and of the public.

I had a conference today, and don’t know if I’ll be able to attend – either way, I’ll update this blog with some links to coverage of the rally and photos.