On this day in 1916 James F. Pantridge, inventor of the portal defibrillator, was born.

I could seque to my point via something about DC reversion and the Premier but I leave it to you and skip straight to an update – in 787 days (or 2 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 5 days) Victoria goes to the polls.

We can vote in more of the same: precarious and reduced employment for teachers, a savagely slashed TAFE system that leaves VET sector education to private enterprise, CFA and MFB budget cuts that include second-hand protective gear, unprecedented industrial action on multiple fronts, and the longest negotiations in ANF (Vic branch) history.

If they win again they’ll have a mandate – and what we’ve seen will be nothing.

We need only look north, to the WorkCover cuts made by NSW Premier O’Farrell, and the total defunding of life-saving programs in Queensland by Premer Newman (including the QAHC) to see what happens when an NLP Premier has a greater than one-seat majority. Somehow there’s still money for racing (Queensland – $80 million), a billion dollar convention centre (NSW) and car racing (Vic – $60 million).

Or we can fight again: fight to remind our friends, families and communities what we stand to lose; fight for the future of our children, our sick, our elderly and our vulnerable; fight for our own access to education, health care, emergency services and infrastructure; fight so that the next nursing and midwivery EBA campaign we have can focus on making gains, not defending well-trodden ground from yet another attack on the safest staffing levels and skill mix in the country, if not the world.

It’s in your hands.