Today marks the one year anniversary of one of my favourite moments from the EBA 2011/12 campaign. Three days after nurses and midwives unanimously voted to escalated protected action to include bed closures the Baillieu government sought to have our protected action terminated, on the grounds that it may cause the public to come to harm.

Health Minister David Davis held a press conference to report on the court proceedings, and announced that the Ombudsman had ordered the beds opened. He was then corrected by a reporter – the Ombudsman had actually found there was not an immediate need to take action against ANF (Vic. branch).  And here, preserved for posterity, is Minister Davis’s response:

That was 365 days ago. And in 745 days, when I vote, my electoral decisions will be heavily informed by the Baillieu governments’ attitudes and behaviour towards Victoria’s nurses, midwives, teachers, TAFE staff and students, ambos, fire fighters, SES staff and volunteers, forestry employees, construction workers… Still counting, Mr Baillieu.