One year and two days after ANF (Vic. branch) released our log of claims, the public sector EBA has gone into effect – look for pay rate increases, back pay (to March 31) and CPD funds (where applicable) from your next pay.

Our officials are at FWA today, in Conciliation proceedings with RDNS; an acceptable final offer from VHIA for Mental Health nurses is looking promising; and Forensicare negotiations continue.
Even if all our EBAs were resolved tomorrow, I know none of us will quickly forget what it took to get even modest outcomes in the face of a government determined to erode conditions, remove ratios, deskill the workforce, weaken the profession, increase burnout and turnover, and compromise care – all for a dollar, and not even cost-effective in the medium term.

Victorians go to the polls in 876 days, which is just under 29 months away, Australians will vote some time in the next 511 days, around 17 months from now. In both cases we need to look not only at the leader we’re voting for, but the principles of their party. I know I don’t want to do this again in 2016, and I’m sure I’m not alone.