About me

Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog, counting down the days until the next Victorian state election, with the occasional meandering down related paths of Australian Federal and east coast politics, WorkCover, industrial relations, union campaigns, and the media; check out the Background section to learn why and how this came about.

I’m a literate, pragmatic, left-leaning idealist with academic pretensions –  a bibliophile, nurse, unionist and perpetual student, I’m in the process of completing a PhD in health sociology and medical anthropology, contemplating my next qualification, and have a background in health ethics and social health.

My perspective is heavily informed by my work as a clinical nurse specialist on a mixed medical specialty unit at the Alfred,  one of Victoria’s most acute hospitals. As required in the Alfred’s social media policy, let me make clear that all opinions are my own and (unless clearly identified otherwise) no post nor opinion on this blog or my Twitter account are endorsed by nor reflect any official position of Alfred Health.

I’ve been a workplace delegate for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Vic. branch) since 1992, and a member of Branch Council since 2013,  but am not employed by them and my posts are similarly not endorsed by nor reflect the views of ANMF (Federal or Vic. branch).

In my spare time I procrastinate, have recently learned to drive, and have so far had no success reining in my new but significant Twitter addiction.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi,

    My name’s Peter Jetnikoff and I’m the PANDORA Librarian at the State Library of Victoria, collecting Victorian online publications. I would be interested in collecting this blog. To do so I will need your permission and for that I will need a contact to send a formal request (eg email or postal)

    The pandora archive can be found at the National Library (with whom we are partnered) here:

    My email is included in the form below. My work number is 03 8664 1753

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